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Illinois Energy Conservation Code Rules

On June 11th, the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) meeting considered the rules for the Illinois Energy Conservation Code. Members of the JCAR voted to remove the prohibition status of the rules and approve them. These approved rules include amendments reinserted after the May 14th Capital Development Board meeting. The rules do not include […]

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Better Buildings Progress Report Highlights

The 2019 Better Buildings Progress Report features the accomplishments from over 900 partners, allies, and organizations that work with the Better Buildings Initiative.  These groups are working towards the following: Achieving impressive energy savings Investing in innovative projects Leveraging new energy-saving technologies Overcoming barriers. In order to have a thriving economy, it is important to […]

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Moisture Control

Does your home experience issues with moisture? Moisture can result from several causes and create damage to your home. However, moisture control can actually make your home more energy-efficient, cost less to heat and cool, provide a more comfortable environment, and prevent mold. By controlling moisture in your home correctly, this can improve the effectiveness […]

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