Design and Diagnostic Services

Design and Diagnostic Services

IECC Design and Diagnostic

International Energy Conservation Consultants provides energy system design, energy modeling, HVAC ACCA Manual J Load Calculation, ACCA Manual S Equipment Selection, ACCA Manual D Duct Layout Request, integrated ventilation and duct designs, and building performance diagnostic services using a variety of platforms. Some of these platforms include RES/Check Compliance Report, COM/Check, REM/Rate, OpenStudio® and EnergyPlus®. Design and diagnostic services, along with consulting services, are offered to all stakeholders in the building community with the goal to increase their capacity to market their product and profit from the seamless integration of energy-efficient design in their buildings while meeting their obligations of comfort, cost-effectiveness and code compliance to their clients.

Homebuilders, designers, code officials, HVAC and home performance contractors are encouraged to attend to “take your first class” or even just “tune-up” on the “need-to-know” this quick download of the ACCA Manuals J, S, and D for HVAC construction, addition and renovation projects in Illinois.

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