Energy Code Compliance Solutions

Energy Code Compliance Solutions

Leading the Way in Energy Code Compliance Solutions

IECC LLC provides training, plan review, energy modeling and field assessment services as a complete compliance solution for State Energy Offices, local jurisdictions, builders, contractors and designers implementing IECC, ASHRAE and ICC International Code platforms.

Strong building energy codes ensure that buildings use energy efficiently, cost less to operate, and are healthy and comfortable for occupants.

Despite these benefits, compliance with energy codes could be better. Initiatives for training, outreach, and enforcement to boost compliance are severely underfunded. However, some jurisdictions are finding ways to raise compliance rates even with constraints on their budgets and time.

Now in its fifth year, the Standard Bearers Award is presented by IMT and the International Code Council (ICC), recognizing state and local jurisdictions and individuals who have raised compliance with energy codes and achieved energy reduction in buildings using smart, cost-effective strategies. Contact us to learn more.

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