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Designing Your Home To Be Energy-Efficient

If you are considering building a new home or remolding an existing one, consider designing your home to be energy efficient. This investment will help your home to be more comfortable, as well as save energy and money. The best time to consider a renewable energy system is during the planning process. For best results, […]

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Keeping Up With Energy Building Codes

What are energy building codes and why should we keep up with them? Building energy codes are requirements for minimum energy efficiency¬†for new construction and renovations. Examples include increased levels of insulation, better windows, and other ways to deliver energy and dollar savings from year to year throughout the lifetime of a building. The public […]

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Benefits of Energy Efficiency

With becoming more energy efficient comes a number of benefits. While many times it is overlooked, each and every one of us uses a significant amount of energy daily. Americans are very heavy energy users, accounting for close to one-sixth of world energy consumption. Considering this, it is time to start thinking about energy consumption […]

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