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Top Energy Trends in 2019

A new year brings new trends. In 2019, clean technology is increasing as more and more countries and companies incorporate sustainable energy. Continue reading to find out some of the energy trends to look out for in 2019. Energy Trend #1: Energy Management As data continues to provide valuable insight into energy use, more and […]

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What Is Green Architecture Anyway?

You may have heard the term green architecture before. However, what does it actually mean and what can it do for your building? International Energy Conservation Consultants is here to tell you what it is and why it is important. What Is Green Architecture? Green architecture is another term for sustainable architecture. It involves using […]

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What Is Building Energy Modeling?

Energy Modeling is the virtual simulation of a building that takes into consideration energy consumption, utility bills,  and the life cycle costs of different energy-related items like air conditioning, lights, and hot water. In addition, it is also used to evaluate the return of energy solutions. The sources of energy come from solar panels, wind […]

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