How Does a Third-Party Plan Review Work?

A third-party plan reviewhands holding pen writing on two sheets of white paper offers expertise and timeliness to busy building departments.

At times, rapid development can overwhelm a building department. Jurisdictions may be understaffed, overloaded, overwhelmed and unable to keep development moving forward efficiently.

Delays at the permit level can be costly for developers and builders. If a jurisdiction gains a reputation for delays, it can hinder growth and economic development.

Plan review can suit a jurisdiction’s need

The solution is third-party plan reviews by International Energy Conservation Consultants. As a  qualified private firm, IECC provides reviews to suit a jurisdiction’s needs.

With the authorization of the jurisdiction, International Energy Conservation Consultants contracts directly with the applicant to provide plan review services. 

Graphic with arrows showing third-party plan review

IECC ensures plans are code compliant

Once IECC’s experts have completed their reviews and ensured the plans are compliant with the state and local codes, the approved sets are forwarded to the jurisdiction. The jurisdiction will then issue the building permit.

At International Energy Conservation Consultants, no plan review is too complex or too large for our Architectural Engineering team. 

Our engineers and architects are licensed design professionals. They specialize in the review of commercial and residential energy (models, ASHRAE 90.1, ACCA Manuals J,S,D and REM/rate™). 

They also provide thorough reviews for the associated building sub-systems including mechanical, plumbing and electrical services.


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